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Executive and Personal Coaching
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Hi, I'm Sara Carbone.

I’m a professional dot connector. My clients are successful leaders looking to create deeper connections to their work and to create sustained success. So, we connect back to their biggest, missing dot: why they became a leader in the first place.

Sara was able to untangle and peel back the many layers of what was holding me back and lead me on a compelling, non-judgemental journey to not only raise the bar in my leadership, but also to become crystal clear about who I exactly am and where I wanted to be. Aside from her unwavering support and her ability to honestly reflect, she also has an innate talent to read between the lines and intuitively connect with me and what I am saying, allowing me to discover myself and my true passion in my work.

- Desiree Perez, Executive Leadership and Corporate Culture Coach

 Our Approach

At Carbone Coaching, our practices and tenants are rooted in the power of full engagement, mindset, mindfulness, energy leadership, neuroscience, and a commitment to your own journey as you reconnect with your why of leadership. Reconnecting with your why allows for you to reconnect with yourself and to bring yourself into your work, your career, and your life in ways perhaps you did not think possible.

Our belief is that the process of deeply questioning our own why as leaders is happening all over the world. There are many amazing coaches, teachers, and practices to choose from, and our approach is most not the only way. However, if you feel called to work with me, and feel like our work together is a fit and a part of your own journey, then I am absolutely thrilled to connect about embarking on this journey together.

About Sara

I work with highly-driven, successful leaders and executives to clearly define their north star of their own leadership, understand and develop their own leadership philosophy, and set themselves and their organizations up beyond short bursts of success.

I bring direct, honest, and intuitive questions and insights, which create opportunities and connections for you. In turn this creates connections for your teams, partners, clients and your organization. We focus our time on the quality of your relationships to discover the necessary shifts that will enable you to achieve full engagement in your work and in your life. I am a firm believer that nothing exists in isolation of anything else. I live the belief that “learning is lifelong" and I am consistently investing in the best development opportunities available.

The truth is, we are all leaders, whether we choose to lead consciously or by default, and I have worked with a variety of leaders to help them to own their brand of leadership and to create long-term, sustainable success for themselves and their organizations. In addition to being a Certified Professional Coach, I am a trained facilitator in 360 assessments, the Birkman Method®, DiSC, and the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment. Prior to running my practice, I spent eight years working as a global Human Resources partner, working with leaders in technology, engineering, digital, operations, production, finance, BD, IT, legal and marketing.


 How We Work Together

Our style and approach is that all programs, offerings and work is conducted in the spirit and execution of partnership and co-creation. Thus, all programs and services are customized and tailored based upon your needs. Here is a an overview of some ways working together is possible.

Executive Leadership Coaching Programs

These programs are challenging, expansive, supportive, and transformative. The approach and practices are rooted in abundance and growth-mindset thinking. Our principles include that anything is possible, that you can consciously choose to shift your mindset at any moment, and that everything is connected.

Through coaching, past and current clients have been able to:


As leaders and individuals, we view the world through our own lens (our experiences, values, assumptions, etc.). These lenses will either limit what we see or expand what we see and, thus, will impact how we perceive our circumstances. Self-awareness and development can allow us to have a deeper sense of who we are and what lens we are using to view our world.

Assessments can be included in any of the programs or separately, and as is relevant to a client's development:

Facilitation & Consulting

Creating and sustaining high performing teams can feel challenging. Through partnership and co-creation, we offer:

Sara creates a space where no limits are present and out of that space, many thoughts were born for me. Thoughts like, "Anything is possible," "We are all connected," and "Fear doesn't need to hold us back from the life we dream of living.” One by one, Sara helped me to confront the beliefs that were holding me back. One by one, they were all discarded and in their place new thoughts and beliefs have been established that serve me and my mission. In short, Sara's coaching has helped me clear the clutter of my mind so that my heart and spirit can soar to ever increasing heights.

- Trisha Werre, Coach and Author, The Art of Acceptance

 Let's connect

Every client engagement and program is designed to have an immediate and lasting impact. To do that, it’s critical that each offering has a fresh perspective, is relevant and meaningful, and is tailored to the individual, the leader and/or the organization.

I work with clients from all over the globe both virtually and in-person.

If you are ready to learn more about our services and you believe you are a fit with the type of clients I coach and the journey you are on, I’d love to connect with you. Thank you!